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What is the best ecommerce website platform to use?

  1. wivet
    What is the best ecommerce website platform to use?
  2. Todd L. McGhee
    Todd L. McGhee
    I'd probably recommend Shopify.
  3. boheyan
    Sales figures are one of the main ingredients for the success of any online store. The financial success of the entire company depends on this component. It is not surprising that any company is trying to increase the number of buyers and sales of its products.
    My online store is based on the Magento platform. This gives a large built-in functionality of the system, the ability to create several online stores and manage them from one common administrative panel, etc. Also Magento has 25+ modules for various processes and e-commerce purposes - administration, content management, checkout configuration, category management and product pages, etc.
    For example, with the help of magento 2 extensions I was able to improve control and get more comfort while using my Magento store.
  4. Sergei Anderson
    Sergei Anderson
    I personally prefer Magento 2. Cause Magento 2 is better than Magento 1 in terms of security, performance, SEO, speed, and ease of use. Recently I found this guys, they helped me a lot with my online shop. Here the link
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