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Notebook for games

  1. Destorr
    Hello. I want to buy new notebook to play modern games like PUBG, GTA 5, Dota 2. What model can you recommend and how much it will cost?
  2. Palmers
    Hello. I have Lenovo Legion Y7000, works great! This brand provide a lot of other models, just check online.
  3. Ottaker
    Hi there. If you want to buy laptop for games you should pay attention on processor and video card. These things are the most important. Try to read some reviews with recommendations from experts to choose the best variant. Also check online shops, for example you can find necessary Hi-Tech product easy on 4Prototypes, there are a lot of interesting options!
  4. noorikhan
    The other day i have bought a core i7 gaming machine for younger brother on amazon. It has 1080ti gaming card with 16gb of RAM. I read a review on and also got a gaming mouse as well.
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