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Do you think it is okay to spy your loved one?

  1. stahhy
    Do you think it is okay to spy your loved one?
  2. vefim
    If in doubt, I think you can. Although...
  3. vefim
    if I talk about myself, then I would not spy
  4. sevanik
    Of course, there is nothing good when you want to spy on a loved one. But there are situations that cannot be resolved otherwise. Therefore, people often use phone tracker to recognize information while remaining completely invisible to the owner of the target smartphone
  5. gojidir
    There are different situations in life. Sometimes we need to do things we haven't done before.
  6. wivet
    For me, it's a matter of the safety of my children. I installed on my children's phones Refog Keylogger
    So I can know where my children are during the day, with whom they communicate, what programs or sites they open on the phone, etc.
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