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do you have pets in your house?

  1. sevanik
    do you have pets in your house? Who exactly?
  2. boheyan
    Hi! I have two dogs in my house. I love them
  3. quentin777
    I have a cat. She is sweet, kind and smart
  4. vefim
    I have two cats and I adore them. So, the first argument in favor of fluffy pets was their sensitivity to human mood. The cat may notice excitement or sadness and come up to be petted, thereby improving the emotional state of the owner. In second place was a dream with a cat, with which you will not have to fight for a blanket. In addition, it is noted that cats help to relax and feel harmonious. True, caring for these fluffy offspring is sometimes problematic, but you can always find a better way. So recently I was able to rid my cats of fleas using a flea collar for cats . They are usually in the form of a flexible plastic strap with a retainer. The product is impregnated with a repellent and / or insecticide to repel and / or kill insects. Since the plastic tape has a porous structure, the active substances easily penetrate inside, after which the collar is hermetically sealed.
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