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What is the best sport game for betting?

  1. Destorr
    What is the best sport game for betting? On what do you make bets?
  2. Nikobabs
    Hi there. It depends only on your personal preferences. Of course it will be better to choose sport games in which you are good because you will need to make right predictions. Talking about me I make bets on football with help of site. There are the best odds!
  3. socialgmabler
    It was Friday afternoon when my friend told me that he had booked the right 20 chances on like he used jazz, I took 20 thousand and gave him a game and gave me a ticket, fast forward on Saturday night he came at about 6:30 and asked me if I followed him and I said no and we checked the ticket together, only to find that only Atletico Madrid was left to win, we started celebrating because A. Madrid was hot that season, in short, A. Madrid scored a goal in 89 minutes, and I gave him 100k and kept 300k; we won 420k with better flexibility. share your unexpected winnings can be more than just sports betting
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