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how to become a successful trader?

  1. boheyan
    how to become a successful trader?
  2. quentin777
    I can tell you this, most of the famous traders are self-taught, so you just need to devote your time to studying the market, read the multibank group review, understand and follow the basic rules of work and be persistent enough - and in the near future you can get your first profit .
  3. sevanik
    Traders have to be able to quickly analyse lots of information and make well-informed decisions under high levels of pressure. Trading can be very profitable, but is also high risk.
  4. stahhy
    it takes a lot of effort to become a successful trader
  5. stahhy
    Personally, I trade stocks and always look at wells fargo stocks quotes. Trading in securities is a responsible, serious business that requires careful preparation and honed practical skills. Do not rely on luck - the exchange is not a casino, and you can lose here much faster. Therefore, if you decide to start trading stocks, options or CFDs, first work with a demo account to hone the necessary techniques without risking real money.
  6. sevanik
    To be successful you will need to choose the best forex broker. Regardless of the degree of trust, reliability and attractiveness of trading conditions, any company has a number of characteristic advantages and disadvantages. So, for example, the main positive features of the Ava-trade company are the following: the company's activities are reliably regulated almost anywhere in the world; a variety of trading platforms and a wide selection of financial instruments for earning; a demo account and relatively high leverage
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