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Who's the best player for Apex Legends?

  1. Palmers
    Who's the best player for Apex Legends? How do you think?
  2. Destorr
    Quite difficult to say. As I know two of the best players currently are Dizzy Mendo. Also Shroud is very popular player, but he is a streamer.
  3. Ottaker
    I think you should search such ratings on official site of the game. I usually watch Shroud streams, he is really cool shooter. I've known him since he played PUBG. By the way if you are a fan of this game but you have difficulties with rank, I can recommend to get help from this apex rank boost site.
  4. MilanIask
    I think that the best one is me, haha. I'm the best player in every game, yeah.
  5. GooseWashington
    Oh, to be honest, I'm not a professional at this game, but my brother is. As for me, I prefer other types of games. Just check about the use of AI-powered Chatbots in German Entertainment.
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