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Should marble countertops be installed in the kitchen?

  1. sevanik
    Should marble countertops be installed in the kitchen?
  2. gojidir
    You can use marble in the kitchen, as long as you are prepared to commit a little more diligence when it comes to upkeep, or a perspective shift when it comes to the imperfections caused by daily life. If this is acceptable, then yes, you can have those white marble kitchen countertops that you've always dreamed of.
  3. boheyan
    Undoubtedly! Marble is not just a spectacular decoration of the interior. According to psychologists, this natural stone helps a person feel comfortable and cozy. It lends itself well to processing, but is extremely sensitive to any aggressive influences. Marble countertops can come in a surprising variety of colors and patterns, from white and cream to reddish, grey, pink, blue, green, black and brown.
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