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Chances are you spend way too much time staring at screens every day

  1. stahhy
    If you’re average, you spend six to seven hours in front of your phone, tablet, computer, and TV screens every day. This is harmful to your productivity because it causes you eyestrain, and prevents you from becoming bored. To combat this, take more frequent breaks, reflect on how much you actually accomplish when you use your phone/tablet/computer, and don’t be so afraid of boredom—it has been shown to actually make you more creative and productive.
  2. quentin777
    I recently counted and surprised myself that I spend almost 10 hours a day at the monitor
  3. quentin777
    But that's my job. So I decided to improve my workplace, I bought a better monitor, new computer accessories and a computer screen privacy shield from Vintez Technologies. Their products are designed to provide an optimal level of privacy and visual comfort, ensuring that the user can work or relax in peace.
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