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How do I get to work as an IT Developer?

  1. stahhy
    I'm self-taught. I myself learned to create a mobile application. Do you think I can get a job in a good IT company?
  2. boheyan
    To get a job you need experience, but where can I get it if I can't get a job without it? What to do with this vicious circle? After all, even with higher education, finding a good job is not easy.
  3. vefim
    I don’t think that you will have any problems. If you are still studying, but you already have some basic knowledge, then it’s time to start. First, fill out your resume as detailed as possible. Prepare for the interview (find out more information on how to get an interview here And also keep in mind that many companies have posted test tasks on the site. This approach is often practiced among companies recruiting remote employees. This is a great way to practice and fill your github. Do not lose this opportunity.
  4. lianot
    The first thing you have to learn is that you have to find a job on your own - no one will do it for you. Although you don’t have to rely too much on your friends and family, telling them that you’re looking for a job is your first priority.
  5. Donald Reeves
    Donald Reeves
    I think you will be much better off if you found a small LLC and hire IT specialists yourself. Lest you will always work in a small server's room void of air and space. And that is if and when you find this job. If you are scared of doing reporting, you can outsource it to these guys. Or you can really do it yourself if you know how.
  6. chachaflint
    Try to send a resume to companies you've interested in. If you are good enough for them then they will accept you. Maybe you would need to learn something about teamwork in software development: pi planning, how to set your goals, project management, etc. Anyway, good luck to you with employment.
  7. saeed20
    I think you will be much better off if you found a tier 4 visa UK .. Ireland immigration lawyer
  8. MilanIask
    Sure! Modern IT companies are watching only for your skills, but not in your diploma.
  9. GooseWashington
    At first, you need to know some coding language, then you need to find companies that you would like to work with and simply contact them. They always have contact numbers on their sites. At least it worked for me. I'm so grateful for this given opportunity and want to make our company better. Right now I want to learn more about marketplace design
  10. Skaggi
    Undoubtedly, each of you is very eager to live in a high-tech home, where the opportunities are simply huge and convenience at a really high level. But not everyone knows one of the most popular companies on the market, which is engaged in electronics of smart homes - Axonim. They have been working on it for quite a long time (about 10 years) and certainly know how everything works!
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