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How to Get Heritage God Roll in Destiny 2?

  1. wivet
    How to Get Heritage God Roll in Destiny 2?
  2. gojidir
    Heritage is an impressive weapon with stats such as Impact -70, Range - 71, Stability - 49, Handling - 73, Reload Speed - 50, Aim Assistance - 68, Inventory Size -49, and with a poor Zoom of 12. Here is how to get Heritage in Destiny 2.

    The Heritage can be obtained during the second encounter in Deep Stone Crypt raid and only appears the first time you go through the raid.
  3. sevanik
    In the new raid, not everything is as simple as it was before. Weapons have become more difficult to obtain. This makes them not only desired by players but extremely powerful if you manage to get the right combination of perks.
    I find it difficult to study routine mechanisms. And I took the help of destiny 2 sherpas to get it. It turned out to be cool! I watched the battle.
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