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Straight men who think lesbians are hot

  1. Hisenburg
    This is something that was mentioned in the shoutbox last night. 'Men who think lesbians are hot are disgusting sexists' I believe was said, or words to that effect. Whist I personally am not turned on by the prospects of two women getting it on. I found that particular view unreasonable, intolerant and disturbing.
    I consider it no different to any other fetish such as feet, bondage or japanese people. I believe people should be able to like what they like and be turned on by whatever they want so long as they don't act out fantasies that bring harm to others.

    So what do you think, should people be able to like what they want without persecution from others or they just disgusting wierdos?
  2. KillMonger
    I think it's perfectly fine for men to like lesbian women, and personally, I don't understand how it would be sexist. Straight men are attracted to women, and the idea of to women having sex is appealing for them. It's just a natural thing, and saying that the are disgusting for being attracted to something gets no one anywhere, because you don't choose what you like. As long as they respect the fact that the women are lesbians, and don't try to have sex with them personally or insist that they should like men as well, then I don't have a problem. Especially because there are a lot of women who fantasize about gay men, and no one seems to be complaining about that.
  3. Majesty
    To be honest, I can't even explain why I like watching lesbians so much, and that's why I often go to stripchat streams 18 I think we're so attracted to lesbian girls because we can't get it, and that's what we're attracted to. I think it's all natural.
  4. RioChio
    Guys, tell me, are there people of non-traditional sexual orientation in your environment, for example, lesbians? A 16-year-old friend of mine recently confessed to me that she is staring at girls. She even showed me the site, which talks about teen lesbian chats and more.
  5. Passshaz
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  6. Aragorn
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