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What modern methods are best used to increase staff motivation?

  1. vefim
    What modern methods are best used to increase staff motivation?
  2. boheyan
    Every job has an element of routine that affects employee productivity. A salary increase has either a short-term effect or does not affect employee performance at all.
    Gamification can be a tool that will increase staff motivation. Gamification increases employee engagement by 48%, and 72% of employees believe it makes them work harder and more productive.
    To develop gamification software, you can contact Exposit Exposit specializes in creating custom IT solutions with focus on gamification and visualization. Exposit team has already released more than 8 apps with 3D 3D visualization and gamification features as well as with augmented reality mode.
  3. wivet
    Every employee of the company will perform better if they understand their role in the company and receive the support of the company's management. Also don't forget about bonuses
  4. gojidir
    Support and professional development are important for the staff of each company. Your employees need to know that they are important to you and that you care about them. Of course, it was impossible to conduct teambuilding during the period of the pandemic. But there is a Clubhouse that can help you with this. For this you need to drop in app Clubhouse. Create a private domain for your company where your employees can learn a lot more and share their opinions and ideas about the development of the company. There are many opportunities in the Clubhouse
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