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Let's talk about the wedding

  1. stahhy
    What was your wedding like? What interesting happened on it?
  2. boheyan
    My wedding was perfect! By the way, I owe a lot to the calculation of numerology I even checked my compatibility with my future husband! Keep in mind that numerology will show the compatibility of people in a relationship. Numerology of the name will tell about talents and weaknesses of character. Numerology of numbers will tell you in which areas wealth and career awaits you.
  3. owydf
    my wedding was modest. we booked a table at the restaurant and went there with our friends
  4. maxalla
    I had a lovely classic wedding. A snow-white tent, girls who covered the bride's path to the altar with rose petals, best bridesmaids in the same outfits, a huge cake and elegance in every detail. By the way, my wedding dress was flawless! I chose it among bridal dresses wholesale and I was a real queen
  5. Brian2021
    I am photographer, I found a wonderful website with Gentle and airy background music with touching sound and peaceful mood. I can listen and download good intro music in desired length and format on my computer, creating wedding and other different ceremonies videos. Great musical background, I really like it.
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