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Do you have new hobbies?

  1. boheyan
    How has your life changed during the pandemic?
  2. wivet
    It was unexpected for me to start working online. It was fun at first. But then it got bored.
    I lacked communication and was monotonous.
    For myself, I discovered a new hobby, this is computer games.
  3. wivet
    My new hobby is WoW. I've heard about this game for a long time. But I didn't think it was so cool!
    Gamers helped me improve the game. I learned a lot with the WoW TBC boost lfcarry. Now I am reaching new heights of the game and I like to chat with other players
  4. Zanfrone
    I started travelling more on my own, and even got a pet insurance because I decided to take my dog with me. Pet insurance is pretty great since insurance companies can reimburse your medication spending in case your pet gets sick. This is why I only recommend getting original pet drugs from this page. Using high-quality medicine will provide your pet with the most effective treatment, so don't be stingy and make sure you get the best drugs you can afford.
  5. BlackWolf17
    oh, while pandemic that lasts more than a year, my life completely changed, i lost my job, grew a beard, and began playing computer games, and as for the last thing - i am happy, because i got to know that i can get money while sitting in an armchair but not in an office, i chose SA and started to earn money straight from the source , link, maybe it will help you to experience this quarantine too.
  6. Passshaz
    I like read books! Its a problem to get free books on the internet even when we have access almost to everything(Or I'm searching too bad) At least now I finally found Classic books from this site, that can provide me any kind of books. Either it motivational books or some classical literature.
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