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Fresh bathroom

  1. Albertina1818
    I want to do a renovation in my bathroom. What problems can I run into and how to evade them?
  2. cucaracha
    I remember wasted a lot of money on materials. You need to have a big budget.
  3. rocknrolla
    Hi, guys. Have you seen the prices for a new bathtub? Saying that it's expensive is saying nothing. The prices are too high and if you don't want to waste a lot of money buying a new bathtub then reglazing would be a better option for you. I know it's a complicated topic, but you can visit the website here and ask for help. Here you will find all the necessary information about this topic.
  4. Xteadrdet
    Personally, I recommend not repeating the mistake that everyone does and get away from the stale white look. Make your bathroom cozy!
  5. Rekara
    Making my bathroom look warm and cozy is one of the best decisions I made when renovating my house. I used the bricks from and made a veneer on the bathroom walls, giving it a raw look. Now I almost don't want to leave it when I need to go to the toilet!
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