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Video presentation on landing page. Is it a must?!

  1. Anne Veski
    Anne Veski
    I'm curious to hear your opinion and experience with this.

    Does it convert better or create better trust in the product by having a video presentation on the landing page?

    I've heard some people having very strong opinions about this, even claiming that "it's a must"!

    Is it? Or does it depend on the market you're building in?

    My own experience with my startup, FeedHive, is that the video does help convert better. In fact, during A/B testing, we increased the conversion rate by 3% (percent point).

    What is your experience?
  2. Piters
    Imagine this: your prospect's attention is drawn in ten different directions at the same time, making it incredibly difficult to stand out from the crowd and secure the attention you desire. There are many options for how to attract a client, but not all of them work and another problem is the high price. I would recommend making a website video. This will help attract an audience, because no one likes to read.
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