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Phone Tracking App

  1. Anne Veski
    Anne Veski
    Does anyone have any suggestions for a good phone tracking app or service? My husband officially ended things with his AP last night (I heard the conversation) but he had been doing some very sneaky things on his phone (using new apps/services in order to text/call etc) This was the 5th time he has said goodbye to her & while I believe him that this is officially over, I certainly do not trust him. I told him if there is any other contact at all, divorce papers would be filed. Now, he will give me access to his phone when I ask, but he would obviously delete messages after seeing them if he chooses to continue this behind my back. I want to make sure he is fulfilling his promise by not communicating with her at all
  2. Piters
    Tracking the location of a person, having only the subscriber number itself, has become possible thanks to modern technologies. So I decided to track my wifes phone without her knowing. I am very worried about her. Therefore, this is the best option. So that she does not get nervous that I control her
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