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  1. Mudisto
    My partner and I have been trying to get an appointment with VFS Global for six weeks now to register for Temporary residence in Portugal. The websites is either down or there are no appointments. We bought a house last year in August but what with a hip replacement in September for her and covid could not do more or travelling.
  2. Ukirra
    I recently wondered how to get a residence permit in Portugal. They helped me figure it out here . In fact, there are different ways to get a residence permit in Portugal. In my opinion, the most profitable and the best option is to invest. In this case, the status can be obtained on average in six months.
  3. GCPrint
    Indeed, Portugal has now made it easier to obtain a residence permit, along with not many European countries, such as Malta. The option of investing myself now and as it seems to me it is not difficult, although I will have to go to the proper agency, who deals with it.
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