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Testosterone Implant??

  1. Anne Veski
    Anne Veski
    I have no interest in sex at all which has steadily got worse over the past 5 years since having our son. This causes real problems with my husband as you can imagine - he thinks that because we don't have sex that we therefore have no relationship

    My reason for posting this message is that I recently saw a gynaecologist (for an unrelated menstrual problem) and when she found out about this she said that having a baby can change your hormones and that I should have a testosterone implant. She said that too many people blame loss of libido on tiredness, relationship problems, other excuses etc when often it is a real hormonal imbalance.

    However, I can't find a lot about this on the internet and do feel a bit reluctant to go ahead with an implant in case there are unwanted side effects.

    I am coming up to the menopause so my hormones are probably starting to play up anyway. I think some women are given testosterone at the menopause or after a hysterectomy.
  2. Piters
    t is very difficult to maintain your health during a pandemic. Especially it seems to me that men are worried about this. They start to think about their masculine strength. Can Food Kill Your Testosterone and More. I am also no exception, but I found a lot of information on the site and now I am calm for my health
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