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What does a Lortab look like?


Generally, the pills of Lortab are white in color. The shape is like oblong. However, it has a pill
imprint of G037. Though its available in different strengths. You should know that look of pill
depends on the manufacturer.

Is Lortab an opiate?

The element “hydrocodone” is one of the addictive opioids in Lortab. Opioid do possess high
addictive narcotic substances. The target is to get relief from pain. Thus, taking supervision of doctor
is necessary.

How can a patient take proper dosage of Lortab?

Have habit of reading medication guide for in depth knowledge. If you have any query ask your
doctor. However, the dosage depends on following factors: -
 Age of the patient
 Severity of the case
 Past medical history of the patient
 Response of the patient towards the ongoing medical treatment

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