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Buying WoW gold: my experience!

  1. Franko Baresi
    Franko Baresi
    Hi guys!
    If you are a fan of World of Warcraft like me then you know that now and then you should buy gold. And you also know that there are a lot of cheaters on the web who can easily cheat you so that you can lose some considerable amount of money. I highly recommend you to buy different WoW-related items on Overgear! I have dealt with them 5 or 6 times (bought gold and Nyalotha booster) and everything went smooth! check yourself Btw they offer the lowest prices on the web and lots of discounts.
  2. Jannick
    ok ,thanks for your post, i do love wow and i usually get wow gold here:, it's also a good site for game service.
  3. Lowell32
    I always buy wow classic gold from PVPBANK, a reliable gold vendor that i have been using for two years.
  4. Jaent
    Hello everyone!
    Yes, I'm a big fan of World of Warcraft like you And I know the best place not to buy gold, but buy cheap boosting they can any carries in wow cheaply, helped me to obtain full gear from new raid! I've dealt with them more than 10 times, and they are smoothly as well! Hope it helps you. And no, overgear is bad prices company, really overpriced on everything.
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