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FineVPN - secure and free VPN for you!

  1. kiga
    FineVPN - secure and free VPN for you!
    A VPN is a virtual private (private) network that is built on top of (inside) existing connections by encrypting the data transmitted between participants. Owners of open networks with VPN traffic inside them see only a set of chaotic numbers. Communication providers can block individual connections, but cannot know the actual contents of transport containers (IP packets) if they are encrypted before sending.
    Get access to blocked sites from all over the world and protect your privacy with the high-quality free FineVPN service
    VPNs can be used for various purposes, for example, to protect your personal data and privacy, to virtualize your location (the site or host to which you will be connected will see the location of the VPN server, one of the nodes of the VPN network), to unblock access, to speed up connections.
  2. Loster
    Hello. All we know that internet is an ever-changing landscape. The more it develops, the more we lose our privacy, and in some cases that puts your safety at risk! So everyone must know the Internet safely tips and rules and of course to follow them every time when you surf online.
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