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I can't find a girl

  1. KillMonger
    I've tried everything from various Dating sites such as before Dating on the street.
  2. Hisenburg
    Good morning, KillMonger. A fairly painless way to start would be to use . You can register for free. Keep in mind that Central Europe is a region with millions of cute girls who are looking for their soul mate abroad, so you will be bombarded daily with messages from young women 19 years old and older who will see you as the perfect option. On the other hand, there are Mature women who are genuinely looking for a partner. It is important to remember that you are walking through a minefield, so step lightly. But if you're not completely trusting, messaging and then making phone calls can help you sort out some decent people.
  3. Majesty
    I’m still on plenty of the dating sites, sent loads of different people messages (all messages aimed at their profile, not just a generic message!) And literally not a single reply! It’s just frustrating as I’m sitting alone every night wondering what I’ve done so wrong in life to have my wife and children suddenly leave, she finds happiness straight away even though she treats me like rubbish, and yet here I am can’t even find a girl to even write a message to me! I’m so shy with new people that I’d never dare go up to a stranger and start speaking to them haha
  4. RioChio
    Good afternoon dear friends! If you really want to have a good online dating experience, you need to meet on good dating sites. I highly recommend that you read the review of the coffeemeetsbagel website. As soon as I found out that there are more women than men, I immediately registered there!
  5. Zanfrone
    If you're having troubles finding a girl, maybe try to find a guy that you can date with instead? I know a website just for that that my friend used, it's You won't have any trouble with dating online there, since guys are much easier to approach and they know what they are looking for. I really think it's going to go better for you.
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