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Rules for writing an essay

  1. gojidir
    Many people assume that essays are a common essay. However, this is not the case.

    Essays are a prosaic literary genre. In French, it means "sketch" or "sketch." The essay reflects the individual experiences of the author, his view on a particular issue. It does not provide an exhaustive answer to a particular question, but reflects one's own opinion or impression.

    When writing an essay perfectly develops logic, the ability to argue your opinion, competently present information. The style of presentation is more orienteering to conversational.

    To write an essay correctly you should consider the specific features that distinguish it from other genres.
  2. boheyan
    For me it was always a difficult process. Writing an essay is not as easy as it once seemed
  3. wivet
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  4. vefim
    The structure of the essay is not quite standard. It should not contain a table of contents, bibliography and, sometimes, even a title page. It is a free genre that can be expressed by the author in any way he wants. The only condition that determines the structure of writing an essay is logic. Everything should be built according to the laws of logic. The essay writing scheme practically does not change regardless of the size and is preserved even in a mini essay.
  5. sevanik
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