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Would you like to have your own business?

  1. KillMonger
    I would like to open my own coffee shop in my old age. I think it would be an interesting thing to do in retirement.
  2. Majesty
    yes. this is my next step for life! Getting the capital to secure a business location is probably the most difficult step to me at this time
  3. Hisenburg
    Yes, I also want to start my own business. At the moment, I am already at the finish line to this goal. If it wasn't for the coronavirus, I would have opened my own VAPE shop by now. In the meantime I'm studying business management .
  4. michaelcparkers
    I would like to run some online services and have already read about how to manage remote work effectively here. There are a lot of things you must take into consideration if you are going to run such businesses including protection from different attacks to prevent loss of data or even money. And it is not as bad to lose your money or data (but it is really an awful situation) as losing the money and data of your clients that can cause a big problem. Also, it can take a lot of time to manage the remote work properly and to work with your team. But everything you will gain the required experience while working so...
  5. Albertina1818
    I would love to. It's really promising. But I'm just a student so I won't be able to do it soon
  6. mariomedina
    to all but that is done with effort and dedication to achieve a stable business with enough profits to continue being useful in my case I decided to take restaurant franchise to start a business from which I can learn without running many risks because when one is He throws a business first he has to gain fame for the product and with a franchise, fame is already there.
  7. sdmedia24
    I know that product management software is an important organizational role. Product managers are typically found at companies that are building products or technology for customer or internal use.
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