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What's MY most recent purchase? Let me show you!

  1. Majesty
  2. Hisenburg
    You gotta have an extra chromosome if you are buying a TV today and you aren't going at least 4K. That is, unless you are picking up 65" 1080p TVs for $300 or less.
  3. KillMonger
    My most recent purchase is a new TV, finally got a 4k one. Dreamed about it for a long time. The old one was given to my son, and the times are not the best ones to buy something new, so I used this , which I use from time to time. I am very happy about my purchase now.
  4. amanda222
    Mine was merino wool baby clothes which I found after reading the Has anyone heard about this kind of clothes?
  5. RyanPowell
    We are satisfied to have come together to remember and honor the passion and dedication of our Ford fans. And it is beneficial for us to buy australian assignment help and enhance our skills. We look forward to the results of this year's fan vote and new members of the fan lounge."
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