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I am looking for an IT developer for a forex broker

  1. wivet
    Which IT developer has experience in developing for a forex broker? I would be grateful for your feedback and recommendations.
  2. boheyan
    You can find an IT specialist in Ukraine. Java is the most popular programming language in Ukraine, followed by JavaScript, C, PHP and Python. Finding it talents in Ukraine is incredibly easy. You can turn to IT recruitment company Alcor
    Alcor will provide you with individual support and delegates to your customer service manager to work closely with your IT recruitment project in Ukraine.
  3. gojidir
    Against the background of the general financial crisis during the pandemic, the forex market has shown growth in the last day. The number of traders in different countries has increased
  4. vefim
    The work of a forex broker is not limited to just one state or country. If you want to become a reliable broker for a large number of traders, adapt your software so that traders from different countries can use it. To translate your software, you can contact a professional translation agency littera -
    Littera translates into over 80 languages. This will increase your profit.
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