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Why do we have to travel

  1. owydf
    Most of us live according to the “home-work-home” scenario, distracting from everyday problems only on weekends, although these two saving days are often busy. We constantly keep in mind a bunch of important and not very information, we are in a hurry somewhere, we are afraid to miss a chance or not to be able to do something. We try to foresee everything a few steps forward, but we forget to find a place for ourselves in the busy schedule. Our life is gradually turning into a kind of endless running with obstacles - we strive forward, towards our goal, without looking around. In this race, there is a big risk of losing the race before the finish line, losing strength. If you feel that the vital energy is leaving, and the picture in front of your eyes gradually merges into a gray spot, look around: finally look at that beautiful that surrounds you throughout the path, and you will have a second wind.
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  2. lianot
    Great info! I'm going to travel too. I want to leave for three months.
  3. stahhy
    Oh travel! I really like traveling! So I know myself. By the way, I like hitchhiking.
  4. sevanik
    It seems to me that twice a year all people should break away from work and home and be sure to travel. After such rest, depression and fatigue pass. Just three weeks ago, I returned from San Diego. I spent a week full of new experiences there. I rented a car in advance at and managed to see Balboa Park, a huge zoo. And also managed to visit many art galleries
  5. vefim
    I also really like traveling
  6. Alma Dely
    Alma Dely
    Travel its not just a vacation, it broadens your outlook. And there are plenty of tools and sources to simplify your way of planning it: the websites that gathered all lowers prices on the flights you need, travel agency applicationі with the great offers and tours, Telegram channels with listed sightseeing in every country or just a travel chatbot that will answer all your questions. So its nothing to worry about planning issues.
  7. vefim
    I want to travel to uncharted places
  8. maxalla
    I am going to relax in Atlantic City. I really want to see the inhabitants of the Atlantic Ocean in the Atlantic City Aquarium and visit Borgata is a Village on the Atlantic Coast where I intend to spend some unforgettable days.
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