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  1. flimflamman
    I am hoping that for 2011-12, Josh Harrelson, Shuphert and Jerome Jordan emerge as solid rotation contributers. For 2012-13 those three with one season under their belts will be key role players for a finals winner.
  2. Cromedome
    What happened here? Go Knicks!
  3. TheBlackHole
    Wow this thing faded lol might as well make a note. Here it is almost 9 oclock on july 10th and no word from Melo, this is killing me!! Honestly whether he signs for the full max or not, I do not care. I just hope he remains a Knick.
  4. TheBlackHole
    And before I get flamed in the comments yes I understand him taking less would benefit the team, and is what he should do. Except to me he is worth it in many aspects to the team and the Knicks franchise. He has plenty left to do in New York. I suppose I should post in the forum alot more as much as I view it lol.
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