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NBA Offseason

  1. PatsSoxKnicks
    I heard something about Doc being interested in the Clippers. I guess if that deal gets done with Pierce + KG to the Clips, it'd make a lot of sense for Doc.
  2. Lucky.
    Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 32m
    Final major hurdle to a Doc-KG-Clippers deal, league sources tell Y! Sports: Boston GM Danny Ainge's desire for Eric Bledsoe to be in trade.

    Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 30m
    Y! Sources: Celtics, Clippers deep in talks on blockbuster deal to send Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett to Los Angeles.
  3. PatsSoxKnicks
    Thoughts on the Clippers-Celts possible deal?
  4. Lucky.
    It fell through. First Ainge wanted Bledsoe, didn't work. Then he wanted to swap Lee and/or Terry for Butler (expiring contract), didn't work. Then he wanted two firsts to go along with DJ, didn't work. So the Clippers backed out.
  5. abe_froman
    it'll happen,clippers are desperate to keep cp3,paul wants it so...

    they'll find a way to make it work,maybe bring in a third team if need be.that clippers team looks stacked afterwards though,think they're a def lock for the 2 seed next year
  6. PatsSoxKnicks
    So Doc officially to the Clippers? Any thoughts?
  7. Raps18-19 Champ
    Raps18-19 Champ
    I think Lebron, Wade and Bosh stay in Miami. Lowry goes to Toronto. Bledsoe, Hayward and Monroe get matched. Melo goes to Rockets.
  8. Jets012
    interesting Raps
  9. Raps18-19 Champ
    Raps18-19 Champ
    I am right.
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