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13-14 Knicks Season Thread- Surviving Woodson

  1. Weezy
    Melo is a bad man. Can't believe what I was watching that night. Wished I was at the game!
  2. aNYer
    This thread title ended up being more ironic then I would have liked. I can't believe we are keeping this chump.

    Scratch that. I can believe it. Dolan is a joke and he makes us a habitual punch line.
  3. Dmagic87
    So it happened, this place died...
  4. Weezy
    I'm still here.. where is everyone else?
  5. PatsSoxKnicks
    re: aNYer someone here i thought said he was a good owner which is just laughable considering everyone considers him THE worst owner in the NBA, but I mean he was handed the keys to a billion dollar franchise so it shouldn't be surprising when he's got literally 0 clue of how to run anything. And he doesn't know basketball either which he's admitted and yet before the Jackson hire, he was always getting in the way of something or another. Also, I HIGHLY doubt he's ever embraced analytics which also puts the Knicks at a disadvantage. (and this is more than speculation- one of the most respected stat guys Dean Oliver hinted at it in a conversation I had with him, some years back though). Anyways, hopefully this all stops with Jackson there- no way he would've taken this job if Dolan had any say in anything. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sold on Jackson's GM capabilities.
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