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Freelance writer needing help for article

  1. chadsth33
    Looking for a little help -- I am a freelance journalist doing a story on internet companies offering money for… well… nothing. I want to see how much of a scam or con these sites are so I have created a link that I would like someone to click on so I can see if they legitimately pay what they are offering or if they are just conning the people who are desperate for cash. Just click open the link and it will send you to their home page and add to the “total” I am receiving. This is part of a larger piece I am working on for the new forms of internet cons. I want to see if they are real and will follow through with their promises.

    Here is the link:

    To prove I am not a robot or a fake account – please email me what happens when you click the link. Here is my email – I really want your feedback.
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