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NBA Finals

  1. PatsSoxKnicks
    Lets get some discussion going. Predictions for game 6?
  2. b@llhog24
    The Heat Big 3 shows up and their shooters hit their 3s. Tossup for game 7.
  3. Lucky.
    Going to go out on a limb and say Chalmers has a big game, or at least for his standards. LeBron goes in attack mode, Wade continues his play. Heat force a game seven.
  4. Chacarron
    If you got Lebron in the re-draft, I feel sorry for you. Especially if the Heat lose tonight. Even Heat fans are turning on him.
  5. Lucky.
    KoB lives another night.
  6. PatsSoxKnicks
    Yeah KoB has him and I'm sure he's breathing a huge sigh of relief.
  7. Chacarron

    KoB, so damn lucky.
  8. Raps18-19 Champ
    Raps18-19 Champ
    Scranton also has a big boost with Allen's 3.
  9. Patman
    Damn that was the most devestating loss I've experienced ever, nothing in sports ever hurt like this. It needed the effort of the whole team to loose this and some unlucky bounces. Man one of those 2 missed FT or just one defensive rebound and it would have been bliss.
    Credit to the Heat they didn't give up and fought back.

    I really want to believe that the Spurs have one game left in the tank, but it will be really hard to recover mentally and physically from that game, I think mentally TD and TP will be ok but will their bodies hold up for 4 quarters? I hate to say or even think it but Manu looked absolutely defeated and I don't know if he can get up for another game, and we need him to at least not suck.
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