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Operation Penetration

  1. The X
    The X
    The modding of MTM, this will take time though. But we can help him get there, for the next month or so. Each of us will pm SI a recommendation for MTM to become a mod. I will take this week, Ewing you can take the next one. We will keep going until each of us has messaged SI about it. The waiting time really doesn't have to be a full week too. Once MTM is finally a mod, we can start to penetrate PSD from the inside.

    The pm should be a short couple of sentences saying how you have been on PSD for awhile now. And think More Than Most deserves a mod job if you guys are looking for one.
  2. GuySir
    I'm not sure I can be part of a group that advocates MTM in any capacity.
  3. The X
    The X
    Don't worry, he's just the patsy for our operation. He will have no real power with our plan....
  4. GuySir
    He'll go power hungry and ban us all! There is serious risk that he'll ban the entire site. In fact, I bet he's a mole, planted within the society by SI himself in a clever maneuver with the ultimate goal of banning Gram, we cannot let this stand!
  5. The X
    The X
    You may be right

    I would like to hear MTM's response to this
  6. Ezekial
    I'm going to disagree, changing the operative now would cost us too much time. MTM has been preparing for this his whole life.
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