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Post great alpha dog quotes here

  1. j11430
    "Rodgers has no charisma and precious little leadership ability. Plus he is a bit of a jerk off the field. I would take Tebow as well."
  2. LionsFan..LOL
    No one reads this anymore but this had to be posted:

    "If the rule is that you have to be a member of the human race to play in the NFL, Harrison would never pass the DNA test. That would be the easy way to get rid of the grunt. Isn't Silverback the Gorilla from Colorado? Wonder how he feels about his "heavy ordinance" display in that magazine article awhile back. Yeah, James, it's braindead thugs like you that help create mass murder."
  3. ChitownBears22
    Oh this group will be revived. I am uploading my Alpha quote MS Word Doc to google docs when I get off work here in 20 minutes. Be prepared for amazing.
  4. ChitownBears22
    Jags have scored most points of any team in first pre season game. Without MJD and Blackmon.

    -Alpha Dog
  5. LionsFan..LOL
    Khan will move the team before he moves Gabbert. I think there are two people in the organization that he sees as indespensable. Gabbert and Tony Boselli. That's it.

    Had to bump this
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