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Knicks Draft House, and aNYer appreciation lair

  1. Dmagic87
    We are drafting corners with Revis and Crom on the team while teams with Brady and Brees are taking Gronk and Graham. We are taking busts when other teams are getting Antonio Brown, Demarco Murray, Torrey Smith, and Ben Tate. Its even more pathetic because the defensive players we took aren't even contributing like they should. This season, mainly because of Rex and Woody, we are going to kill a core, kill a QBs career, and completely rebuild. What is sad is that as long as Rex and co are here, I have no faith that we will ever get back to where we were. We can take Geno Smith or Tyler Bray or whoever, the same things will happen. We could have Eli Manning, Shaub, or Flacco and the same things will happen. I hate Rex Ryan and I am hating this organization right now.

    We are more concerned with making headlines and winning attention than winning SBs. Rex is happy as long as he is the most popular coach and his defense ranks high. We have Tebow, enough said.
  2. roshan3ai
    Start Tebow!!!
  3. aNYer
    No thats still a ******** option, and Mark is still better then he gets credit for.

    Also, switch over to the other thread guys.
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