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Watch along thread

  1. aNYer
    If people are not down then this can just turn into an entertainment thread. Thought this might be cool though. Kind of like an in game thread but for shows and movies. If people are interested throw some shows and movies you would like to see. (for the movies maybe use netflix) That way we can post along with it, make jokes, and drum up some activity.
  2. Weezy
    The movie Chronicle looks pretty cool!
  3. aNYer
    No one is really checking in here to get feedback either way.
  4. aNYer
    Today was the perfect day to use this thread. Oh well. Will keep a heads up in the future.
  5. aNYer
    Anyone watching training camp live?

    Pretty sure its a replay of yesterday
  6. aNYer
    Going to post in here during the game tomorrow if I am around. See if its any good. I kknow most probably prefer knicks forum game thread but I figured it wasworth trying it out here for a preseason game.
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