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Post Game Analysis.

    I wish D'antoni had some balls and would just bench Melo. I'm sorry, but this is getting ridiculous. How can that arrogant a hole not see he is killing our offense? The ball movement in the first half when we had TD, Shumpert, and Walker out there was awesome. Fields got into the mix as well. As soon as Melo comes back into the game, it all goes to hell. He should be booed every dam time he holds onto the ball for 5 seconds. I for one was glad the fans let him have it tonight at a few times. His idea of it's all on my to just ISO up against 2 or 3 of the guys on the other team is absolute insanity.

    Btw, absolutely hilarious moment at the end of regulation with Gallo shooting his first free throw. Anyone notice the old guy waving his cane trying to distract him? I know it's standard procedure to wave crap around to distract a free throw shooter, but a 65 year old waving his cane back and forth just made me laugh my *** off.
  2. aNYer
    I am going to go ahead and assume it was just an off game for Lin. I think he will be better off not having 1 game in 10 days, or whatever it really was. But are any of you concerned with the fact that he struggled against the last two good defensive teams he has played?

    He did well against Dallas while they were on a streak, and they are a good defensive team.

    Also I would have liked to see more iso. At least to slow the game down. I know Boston wants a slow game (outside of Rondo) but at the very least it would have calmed Lin and Davis down. Or at least I think so. What do you guys think about that last game.
  3. PatsSoxKnicks
    I'm not that worried about Lin. I think he'll bounce back. Although, as you mentioned, I am a little worried that him struggling against the last 2 good defensive teams could actually mean something. As you mentioned, he was great against an amped up Dallas team. We have Dallas again so we'll see. If he struggles again vs. Dallas, I might start to get a little worried that he's a PG that can only play vs. average or bad defenses.
  4. PatsSoxKnicks
    The guy I'm pissed at is Amare. He has absolutely no lift and I'm starting to wonder if he's just lost it. And to be honest, he's always been atrocious defensively but he at least made up for that with some dominant offense. However, at this point, he's not making up for it and I'm wondering if he's basically become a negative player. I kind of think they should bring him off the bench, as crazy as that sounds. He'd probably fair better vs. 2nd unit players and might be able to get his game going offensively more and he wouldn't hurt the 2nd unit defensively as much as he does the 1st unit.
  5. PatsSoxKnicks
    Also, Fields needs to be moved to the bench. Start JR or Shumpert. Shumpert probably makes more sense. I might go like this with my starting 5 (at least until Amare figures out his ****, if he ever does)- Lin, Shumpert, Melo, Novak, Chandler. I know starting Novak seems crazy and he's not good defensively but at least he tries on D and playing next to Chandler would hide some of his defensive inabilities. At the very least, he's not worse than Amare is defensively and he'd give you much more spacing on the first unit.

    I don't know, the problem I have with this 1st unit right now is there's no spacing since Fields can't shoot at all and Amare is terrible defensively and is not doing enough offensively to warrant being on the floor with the 1st unit.
  6. aNYer
    Anyone watching and Summer League at all?
  7. Hustla23
    This is the worst summer league roster of all time.

    So no.
  8. aNYer
    Haha, true.

    BUT we have 2 guys who will be on the team. Parakhouski is doing well. Thomson and ummm Nivens and Farakan are not playing bad, for summer league caliber players. Everyone else I feel like I could take today and I have not played more then 1 game in the last couple of years.
  9. Weezy
    Today I caught the second half. I liked a couple things I saw from Parak whatever and Copeland. There was that other guy too I forgot his name... Saragan? He seemed decent also.
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