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Atheist and Skeptic Media

    Figure I'd start a thread listing media (podcast, blogs etc.) that has an Atheist or Skeptical flavor to them.

    The Atheist Experience. A long running call in public access TV show based in Austin Texas and sponsored by the Atheist Community of Austin. Hopefully most of you are aware of this show as it is just chalk full of great information with stimulating discussions.

    The Non Prophets. This podcast is sponsored by the ACA and is usually hosted by Matt Dillahunty from Dillahunty International Studios (his home ).

    Godless *****es. Yet another podcast sponsored by the ACA. This is mainly focused on feminist issues from a secular viewpoint.

    The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe. Huge skeptical podcast with a long running history of great content.
  2. GGGGG-Men
    Anyone who hasn't been to Project Reason should definitely check it out:

    Great source for articles, info (comical and otherwise) and dare I say they also have a forum where religion and lack thereof can be discussed. It was started by Sam Harris and is a pretty cool site.
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