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Scarves Optional

  1. ESaady
    Kenneth Cole Peacoat and Kenneth Cole Reaction Cologne and a Calvin Klein scarf landed me a job. All hail Peacoat and friends.
  2. HOWE do i do it
    HOWE do i do it
    Congrats. I have a KCR Peacoat and 3 different KC colognes. You did well, son.
  3. haggis
    I ****ing ooze style.
  4. haggis
    I had to drop my Peacoat off to be drycleaned. I feel so lost.
  5. BDawk4Prez
    Kenneth Cole Reaction and Kenneth Cole Black are my top 2 choices in cologne.

    I certainly get Reaction when i am in my Peacoat and smelling good.
  6. haggis
    Today: Peacoat>Burberry Scarf>Burberry London Cologne

    I'm getting laid tonight.
  7. BDawk4Prez
    In that combo, I wouldn't say no Haggis.
  8. northsider
    With the weather as of late it is about that time I put you on the swag rack. We had a great run this winter/fall and honestly I think we killed it. I got big plans for next season.

    Now I am off too attend to the surplus of spring/summer gear that I have been stocking up with while you kept me warm when we would hit sales at the local boutiques. Till next time dear friend............
  9. haggis
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