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AL East Rivalry

  1. nyyfan4life
    Bartolo Colon is very sexy..
  2. WolvesJagsOs
    He was pretty damn good last night. Hopefully we can win the series against Baker tonight. Bats are starting to come on now.
  3. J.Twiggy
    I bet everybody is laughing at us now with how poor our offense has been lately but i don't care we are a loyal and tight group and we will stick together Oriole way or no way !!!
  4. WolvesJagsOs
    Great win for the O's last night, 10-4. Our offense is really starting to heat up, Wieters is 9-10 with RISP. Been a beast offensively and defensively.
  5. Pittz
    Go Sox.
  6. StealingSigns
    Quite the game between the Jays and Sox tonight. So much for a pitching match-up.
  7. WolvesJagsOs
    Not much talk in a while...
  8. jd25213
    Spring Training in less than two weeks!!!
  9. Wagner14
    So guys ... predictions on how the AL East will end up? ...

    I got something like this ...

    1 - Yankees
    2 - Red Sox
    3 - Rays
    4 - Blue Jays
    5 - Orioles

    I don't think the Orioles are that bad but this division is just too rough for them in my opinion. What do you guys think?
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