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PSD servers

  1. Ian.
    So, is there a timeline for leaving? Or are we just going to threaten for the next two years until they actually fix any issues?
  2. BlueJayFanDan
    I made my own timeline clear. I said if its not fixed by new years I am gone... You guys can make your own timetable though.
  3. Johann
    psd has really been ****** the past few days
  4. BlueJayFanDan
    Yeah, it hasn't gotten much better most of the time... I am getting tired of it.

    As protest leader, I am going to send this group to all site admins. Make sure they are all aware of the amount of users who are unhappy.
  5. content-team
    hey guys,

    I'm still around and working on the issue. I've got a couple of things set up in a development environment and recently got some hardware, although I'm waiting for some more.

    I'm going to be doing some load testing in the development site over the next little while to ensure that these issues will be resolved by the move (have to build a business case for getting the hardware I need), and will have it in place as soon as possible. Apologies again for the issues.
  6. BlueJayFanDan
    Thanks for the update content-team. Hope everything is resolved soon!
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