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Some thoughts..

  1. nyyfan4life
    I think we should set a minimum amount for these sig bets. Like there should be atleast ___ posters from both teams participating. There's no maximum but if only a handful participate, its not as fun.
  2. Sportfan
    doubt you'll get many pats fan in this, we'll surely lose but i need a new sig so I'm in
  3. nyyfan4life
    If we can get at least 5 each then we should be good.
  4. TomTerrific
    The Real Pats fan's will be in this It'll be a cold day in hell before I back down to Jets fans.
  5. Mcphee2222
    i'm in it unless there are only a few jets fans. if there are only like 3-4, then i'm dropping out.
  6. B'sCeltsPatsSox
    Only 2 Jets fans so far.....
  7. nyyfan4life
    Unless we get more Jet fans... I don't think this will be happening..
    Its not really fair to you (Pats fans) guys.
  8. caņamin
    What happened?.. Is sig bet now of the table..hehe
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