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Silver n Black Society

  1. Cha Cha
    Cha Cha
    what's up guys!!! thanks for inviting me in!!!
  2. oracle650
    your all welcome. lets bring in the nation!!!
  3. Raidaz4Life
    Nice group, thanks for the invite
  4. jason
    This a good group.. thanks oracle650
  5. Eflo
    Thank you for the honor my fellow brethren. And for the heck of it I will treat you to a new pic everyday enjoy.
  6. oracle650
    keep the pix coming eflo. thanx 4 being down brothers!!! now all we need is a W on sunday and an L for our division rivals.
  7. EC Raider
    EC Raider
    Thanks Oracle650 for the invite. Lets get some wins, c'mon Raiders!
  8. oracle650
    damn eflo that's bartender cakes right there. place my beer on them back pockets til I'm ready sheeesh!
  9. ifhmondays
    thanks for the invite.
  10. ifhmondays
    yes eflo you seem to have great avatars, makes the room a little brighter.
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