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Official Lupe Fiasco Group

  1. DR.J9
    LupEND will be fire
  2. ritz
    I love this.
  3. Seamhead
    Who wants to play name that Lupe lyric?
  4. ugafan
    I'll play:
    I love her with all my heart
    Every vein every vessel every bullet large
    With every flower that I ever took apart
    She said
    That she would give me greatness
    Placement above all of the others
    My face would grace covers of the magazines of the hustlers
    The likes of which that I have never seen
    Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams
    The purpose of our scene
    An obscene obsession with the bling
    She would be my queen, I could be her king
    She would make me cool
    And we would both rule
    And I would never feel pain
    And never be without pleasure
    And if the rain stops, and everythings dry
    She would cry
    Just so I could drink the tears from her eyes
    She'll teach me how to fly
    Even cushion my fall
    If my engines ever stall
    And I plummet from the sky
    But she would keep me high
    And if I ever die, she would commission my image
    So her bosom to em
    Or maybe she'd retire as well
    A match made in Heaven set the fires in Hell
  5. Seamhead
    Way too easy. "The Coolest"

    Next -

    I would put it down but i cant due to the glue
    that i use the fuse everything together
    well i spill some on my hands
    and God Damn i might have to carry this forever
    Well im crazy to the game till they bury me insane
  6. ugafan
    Mean and Vicious
    STep your game up ha:

    Pennys from heaven is the same as a semi from the sect
    And I reign supreme
    Turn your umbrellas upside down
    Did you even catch the change in theme?
  7. Seamhead
    Is it Failure?

    If it is...

    They wanna be it, chill, you would leak it if the secret's revealed
    Peep it, might leak it to polices and squeal
  8. Seamhead
    Before I leave. Here are 2 more:

    "Soon as they wave the chekit
    Began to drive wreck less
    I hope u have a wreck
    But walk away deafless "


    "Never microwave like the watchers of the weight
    I'm wrapped in aluminum foil, I do my dirt like Kwame"
  9. ugafan
    Yup failure

    That first one was cheap, its Fast Car FEATURING Lupe

    The 2nd is Lupe the Killer

    I got one: "is"

    Have fun finding that one
  10. yboord028
    Well I just joined quick to write a message, Well he came to my college last saturday. Tickets were $10.

    I didn't go, will I get killed by Fiasco fans?
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