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Sacramento Kings Fans

  1. Beno7500
    Lets go Kings!! Kmart for MVP!!
  2. sacgiants1213
    go kings
  3. Catfish1314
    Thirty-six days...Go Kings
  4. Beno7500
    Kings extend Garcia.
  5. Beno7500
    I'm watchin the game on Tuesday hopefully. Who else is?
  6. GregR25
    Donte Greene > Jason Thompson
    Mark it.
  7. Beno7500
    No. JT will be better and already is.
  8. M's Fan2411
    M's Fan2411
    Hey wassap errybody I just joined!..Yea Thompson is better now but I think Donte Greene has better potential and is younger so...
  9. tinabodacious34
    hey im newbie to this site but i love them kings!
  10. BranWingss
    I like the Kings.
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