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Spoil The Dodgers' Playoff Hopes!

  1. Conor
    Way to go Padres, gave up a 6 spot already in the first inning...
  2. Padres Son
    Padres Son
    I hope you guys weren't expecting too much from the Pads.
  3. Conor
    All we expect is that by the time the Dodgers get to San Fran this weekend, the D-Backs will be no more than 3 games back. Preferably 2.
  4. giles and giles
    giles and giles
    the only game you can count on from the pads is the peavy game
  5. Gigantes4Life
    LOL, nice Conor.
  6. sf1giantfan
    We can all hope manny gets sick real bad.
  7. sacgiants1213
    lincecum's gonna be pissed off that he didn't get the win tonite and will take it out against LA. GO ZONA!
  8. xander
    Giants lose, dodgers win. That's no good
  9. GIANTS15
    timmy was in strikeout mode last night not good ....hope it comes down to the last game of the year sunday for the Dodgers and Timmy turns the lights out !
  10. Conor
    This is looking like a FAIL
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