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NBA All-time discussion

  1. PatsSoxKnicks
    Discuss the All-time greats!
  2. PatsSoxKnicks
    What is your top 10 all-time?
  3. PatsSoxKnicks
    My list is fairly constant at the top- #1 MJ, #2 Kareem. And at the bottom of the top 10, I have Kobe. However, if Lebron wins Finals MVP this year, I have him passing Kobe. But a lot of the other spots change daily

    1 MJ
    2 Kareem
    3 Wilt
    4 Duncan
    5 Magic
    6 Shaq
    7 Bird
    8 Hakeem
    9 Kobe
    10 Lebron ?

    Apparently I was wrong, have Kobe at 9. And yes, I do not have Russell in the top 10. I may underrate him but he's a 1-way player and I feel like the top 10 should be made up of all 2-way players. Or in the case of Shaq, a dominant specimen who played passable defense. I may also be overrating Timmy at the moment
  4. Jets012
    @PSK Bold=Differences

    1 MJ
    2 Kareem
    3 Wilt
    4 Magic
    5 Shaq
    6 Duncan
    7 Hakeem
    8 Oscar
    9 Bird
    10 Moses?

    I think Shaq legitimately has a case over Magic too, but......
  5. abe_froman
    1) mj
    2) kareem
    4) larry
    5) wilt
    6) hakeem
    7) shaq
    8) timmy
    9) russell
    10) kobe

    everything after 2 changes all the time for me so...
  6. b@llhog24
    and for me you could throw in any one of Kobe, Russel, DRob or Barkley in the last two spots. If Bron wins a ring he moves somewhere in that cluster.
  7. Chacarron
    1) Michael Jordan
    2) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    3) Magic Johnson
    4) Shaquille O'Neal
    5) Wilt Chamberlain
    6) Tim Duncan
    7) Larry Bird
    8) Hakeem Olajuwon
    9) Kobe Bryant
    10) Oscar Robertson
  8. PatsSoxKnicks
    Where does Lebron now rank? Is he in the top 10? Move ahead of Kobe? Or maybe even Bird? Or on the fringe top 10? Or still outside?
  9. B'sCeltsPatsSox
    He's top 10
  10. Raps18-19 Champ
    Raps18-19 Champ
    Let's be real....KD has finally surpassed LeBron.
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