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NBA Offseason

  1. PatsSoxKnicks
    Who goes where?
  2. PatsSoxKnicks
    Thoughts on the Jason Kidd hire?

    Crazy hire but Kidd is supposed to be one of the more cerebral players in the game.
  3. Lucky.
    I think he can be a good coach, but right away? I don't know. It's going to be weird seeing him on the sideline just a year after being on the court.
  4. abe_froman
    i dont think it'll be that bad,maybe the first couple years will cost a few games,but he'll quickly become a good coach i think.i think he'll be a players coach and good at motivation but x and o masters(thibs,pops,ect.)will do a number on him. it wont be as bad as many are thinking it'll be.
  5. PatsSoxKnicks
    Thats what I would worry about abe. I think a lot of coaches are motivational coaches but the ones who really distinguish themselves are the x and o masters (like thibs and pop). And this might be an incorrect assumption but I feel like a lot of the former nba players who go into coaching lack that type of mastery the way that a Thibs or Pop does.
  6. VCaintdead17
    I'm pretty surprised. I thought he'd at least spend a couple years as an assistant, but he's been around the business for 20 years now so I suppose he has a steady handle on things
  7. PatsSoxKnicks
    He does but when is the last time, if ever, that a player was hired as a HC immediately after retiring? I feel like the last time this happened would've been the 60s-70s.
  8. abe_froman
    psk,think dunleavy was the last one in 1990 ,but yes its a rarity for it to happen.(and its happened 4 or 5 times,more if you add the player-coach ones).all with differing degrees of success ,i think much of it has too do with the team your taking over.if your a vet heavy ,well oiled machine(like dunleavy with the lakers)it'll work out fine...but with the nets ,i worry they dont have that type of leadership/personality to be a hit off the bat(still think they'll make the playoffs though),it'll def be a learning/growing process and the fans should give him that understanding

    ...and agree with you about the coaching from former players,but hey sloan ended up being a game planner so(though had alot of assistant experience to)
  9. Jets012
    As a Nets fan, it's DEFINITELY a risky hire. However, I believe the reward highly outweighs the risk. It was definitely tough watching the Nets play this year. With soo much talent, I expected a much better product, but all the Nets ran were iso offense time after time after time which really hurt them throughout the regular season and the post-season. Kidd plans on initiating a much more offensive friendly system for D-Will to thrive and he plans on focusing on defense. If we can find a bunch of strong assistants, I will be a big fan of the move. I will say that it will be a little strange since he is such good friends with some of the guys, but Spolestra, Vogel, Monty, are all around the same age as him, so I don't think it will be a huge factor as what the media has made it out to be.
  10. Chacarron
    I think Brian Shaw will go to the Clippers. I really wish the Lakers would have hired him two off-seasons ago, but we all know Jim Buss wanted to get rid of everyone related to Phil Jackson (except for Jeannie thankfully).
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